About Us

Xaliom, a flourishing beauty business, was born out of the passion and vision of its founder, Eloise, who grew up amidst the vibrant city of Paris, France. Eloise, a visionary entrepreneur, always harbored a deep love for natural beauty and sought to create a brand that would celebrate and enhance it.

Eloise's journey began in the heart of Paris, where she immersed herself in the rich culture of beauty and skincare. Drawing inspiration from the elegance and sophistication of the city, she envisioned a brand that would not only encapsulate the essence of natural beauty but also provide effective and high-quality beauty products.

With a keen eye for innovation, Eloise carefully curated a range of beauty products under the brand name Xaliom. The products, characterized by their natural ingredients and commitment to sustainability, quickly gained traction in the French market. The success of Xaliom in its home country can be attributed to Eloise's dedication to quality, her understanding of consumer needs, and a genuine passion for promoting beauty in its most authentic form.

As Xaliom continued to thrive in France, Eloise set her sights on expanding the brand internationally. Recognizing the global demand for premium beauty products with a focus on natural ingredients, she strategically planned the overseas expansion of Xaliom. The decision to go abroad was fueled by a desire to share the brand's ethos with a wider audience and contribute to the global beauty landscape.

With a solid foundation in the French market and a reputation for excellence, Xaliom embarked on its international journey, introducing its carefully selected beauty products to consumers around the world. Eloise's commitment to authenticity, sustainability, and natural beauty resonated with customers internationally, contributing to the continued success and growth of Xaliom on a global scale.

Today, Xaliom stands as a testament to Eloise's entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to promoting natural beauty. The brand's presence in multiple countries is a testament to its universal appeal, and Eloise continues to lead Xaliom with a vision that transcends borders, bringing the essence of French beauty and elegance to beauty enthusiasts worldwide.

 "La toile de la nature est peinte de nuances de beauté, mais même le plus grand chef-d'œuvre apprécie la douce intervention de l'humanité, collaboratrice dans la préservation de l'art de notre planète." - Eloise